Parents want the best for their child’s health, and eating a complete and well balanced diet is critical for growth and development. How many kids actually receive the nutrition they need on a daily basis? The answer is: not many.

Getting our children to clean their plates can easily become a challenge. That’s why a multivitamin is an alternative to making sure they are getting the nutrients and vitamins they need for proper growth and development.

Here are 5 reasons kids can benefit from taking a multivitamin:

  • Healthy and happy kids: Multivitamins contribute to antioxidant health and keeps your children’s immune system healthy all year long.
  • Energy: Our kids need fuel to activate their days. Multivitamins are rich in vitamins B and can help them convert food into energy.
  • Healthy habits: It’s all about habits. Children who are used to taking their multivitamins every day are more likely to continue to do so during their adulthood.
  • Strong bones: Multivitamins contain vitamin D, which provides kids with calcium, a vitamin-mineral combination that is essential during their bone-mass formation years.
  • No nutritional gaps: Nutritional gaps can affect optimal health. With multivitamins, you’ll make sure that your children’s nutritional gaps are filled.

At Earthly Nutrition, a San Francisco Bay Area based nutrition store, we hope to support parents looking to find alternative ways to provide nutrients for their child. We have nutritional and lifestyle products that support the health and well being of our customers and their children as well as the environment.

Do you need advice in how to fill your kid’s nutritional gaps? Would you like more information about our different multivitamins products?

Give us a call at (510) 841-1798, visit our website ( or come visit us in person at our Berkeley store located at 1400 Shattuck Ave, Ste 4, Berkeley, CA 94709 or at our Benicia store located at 872 Southampton Rd, Benicia, CA 94510 and we’ll be pleased to assist you in all your health-related questions and concerns.

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