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Written By Earthly Nutrition Staff 29 Jun 2018

What are the Health Benefits of Using Multivitamins

About 68% of the American adults take some kind of vitamins or multivitamin daily for its incredible health benefits — for protection against illness and nutritional deficiencies, improving energy and performance, and many more. The importance of vitamins and minerals are no joke as they play a vital role in healthy living. So, is using a multivitamin tablet the right choice? Even when clinical trials do not accept the facts that they contribute to our health.

Vitamins, which is the most important?

In our bodies, irrespective of your physique needs over 50 nutrients for your systems metabolism and healthier living. Here are few vitamins that play significant roles:

Vitamin A

For vision and healthy skin

Vitamin A, also called retinol, is a potent antioxidant with various health benefits. Vitamin A improves your vision, increases your immune system strength, and maintains your glowing skin.

Best sources of vitamin A include carrot, tomatoes,  liver, sweet potato, melon,

Vitamin B

Improve brain functioning and physiological wellbeing.

Vitamin B comes in eight different forms and generally, they help convert digested food into fuel to increase energy levels, for healthy brain development, and function. It also helps handle stress, anxiety and low mood.

Best sources of vitamin B include eggs, lean meats, and whole grains.

Vitamin C

Antioxidant properties for better skin and stronger blood vessel walls.

Vitamin C helps speeds up the healing process, reduce bruising and support healthy connective tissues present in joints and skins. It is also useful for warding off colds.

Best sources of vitamin C include oranges, red peppers, kiwis, and strawberry.

Vitamin D

For healthy bones, and increased immune function.

Vitamin D is in charge of regulation your calcium and phosphorous content in your body. It also plays a significant part in maintaining the ideal bone density. When it comes to nervous and immune systems, Vitamin D plays a vital role.

Best sources of vitamin D include egg, mushrooms, oily fish, etc.

Vitamin E

Good antioxidant properties for better skin health, and circulation.

Vitamin E can strengthen cell membranes and guide your cells from damage by free radicals. Also, the vitamin helps maintains healthy skin, vision, and immune system.

Best sources of vitamin E include almonds and sunflower seeds

Aside from the vitamins mentioned above, folic acid, calcium, Zinc, Magnesium, phosphorous, etc. are equally important for healthy living.

Can I benefit from taking a multivitamin?

Lately, several multivitamins are now specialized; focusing on age, gender, and activity levels of customers. Here are few people bound to benefit from daily intake:

Athletes: If you are an athlete, then your body requires more nutrients to help your muscles recover and achieve your fitness goals. Multivitamins like creatine and amino acid can help speed up development and recovery.

Nutritional Deficiency: Several studies have shown that it is difficult for most people to meet up with the expected nutrient sufficiency without supplements. Therefore, it becomes imperative that we use multivitamins daily for proper functioning and health.

Pregnancy and lactation: are you expecting a child soon? Then according to the Department of Health, pregnant women are advised to take folic acid, iron, vitamin D supplement every day. This daily multivitamin help reduce the risk of neural tube defects and support embryo development.

Multivitamin intake isn't limited to pregnant, athletes, etc. alone, children aged 180 days to 5 years, senior over 65 years, menopause, and smoker can also enjoy its benefits.