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Build Muscle

Written By Earthly Nutrition Staff 29 Jun 2018
5 Effective Tips to Build Muscle and Size Faster

Not everyone finds building a significant body muscle easy and fun. It is more challenging and stressful relative to gaining weight through fat.

So, If you desire to have a great physique to look amazingly impressive, but can't handle the stress or frustration? Then this 10 tips will help you pack on lean muscle and size easily than you'd expect.

Set strength goals

We often make mistakes by focusing on gaining “X” pounds of muscle. Achieving this may or may not be possible in a stipulated time duration. Therefore, it becomes paramount that focus on getting stronger, which eventually improves your chances of recruiting more muscle fibers.

Getting stronger is important to help recruit the right muscle fibers to create you into that physique outlook you dream. Preparing for strength rather than gaining pounds of muscle enables you to achieve your goals without realizing you have. Choose a certain number of lifts you want to attain, shoot and meet that figure.

Keep a Food Journal

As you keep track of your training progress and how close you are to achieving your goals, you should monitor your nutrition. Working very hard won’t translate to newly-added pounds of muscle unless you’re ingesting enough calories.

This is where a keeping track of your nutrition comes in handy. It easy for you to know much calories you are eating and make any adjustments if you feel like you are not meeting up with the required nutrition. Put down all you consume throughout the day, check out your progress if you haven't gained weight, then try adding some food rich in higher calories.

Focus on compound exercises

Exercises that have a significant impact on at least one joint is known as compound exercises. Typical examples of compound exercises include squat, deadlift,  row and pull-ups. Compound exercises help you recruit lots of muscles quicker than you had expected. These lifts are efficient and lead to a significant release of hormones including testosterone.

Compound lifts should be the cornerstone of your training. However, you can still do some of your favorite isolation work like curls, leg extensions, etc. — only after you must have to be through with your main compound exercises.

Go to bed half-hour earlier.

This tip is often ignored by a lot of people including trainers. For proper muscle growth and repair, it's imperative that you let your muscles recover. And there is only one easy way to do that sleeping better and more.

In an ideal world, one should.get about 8 - 9 hours of sound sleep every night, but achieving that may not be easy. So, your best shot is going to bed early; giving you more chance of staying in bed for a more extended period.

Drink a shake during training

Providing your muscles with the right nutrition at all times is necessary — pre- and post-workout. If you still want to achieve that physique goal, you should start drinking a shake — with protein and carbs — during your compound exercises. Shake can be a great way to sneak in extra calories without having to consume lots of food items.

Also, drinking a shake during workouts provides with more energy to do some more. Care should be taken not to consume a lot, which might result in an upset stomach.